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with exquisite moments of care and pleasure and give your skin a radiant appearance with our exclusive cosmetics & beauty range.

myBlend - the luxury brand from Clarins

exclusively from Paris at TRIFORÊT Wellness at 1410 m - Unisex treatments at the highest level - Reboost for your skin!

A uniquely developed beauty technology by Olivier Courtin stimulates and strengthens your skin cells with peptides, activates the natural collagen with radio frequency or electrostimulation and the special cryotechnology with cold ensures deep pore cleansing, a radiant youthful appearance and smoothing of small wrinkles.

LED light therapy: Under the LED mask, your skin enjoys regulation of your blood circulation through specially configured light sources.

Experience myBlend face

Experience the magic of snow-kissed skin with our Snowflake Glow Facial treatment.

Express 30 min 60 €
Essential 60 min 180 €
Expert 90 min 220 €

Experience soothing treatments



Basic 40 min 45 €
Wellness 80 min 80 €
Lack   10 €


Basic 50 min 55 €
Wellness 90 min 85 €
Lack   10 €

Extras: eyebrow plucking and tinting, eyelash tinting

Eye-Flash 40 €