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Reward yourself with nature

Wellness for the senses

An alpine retreat in Hinterstoder between nature and space. Enjoy deep relaxation and find your inner balance again. Treat yourself to your individual pampering time with our offers.

Experience pampering massages and pure relaxation

Treat yourself to a deeply relaxing massage that combines various techniques to relieve tension and promote overall well-being. Let your worries melt away as you enjoy the tranquillity of the Austrian Alps in our 5-star hotel.

Triforet 50 min € 85
Alpine Zen 80 min € 140


Experience the ultimate rejuvenation treatment

with our therapeutic deep tissue massage. Our trained therapists massage your tense muscles with firm pressure to relieve pain and restore mobility. Enjoy the soothing power of the Triforet Alpin Resort, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama.


Mountain Revival 50 min 90 €
Deep Tissue 80 min 150 €

Experience revitalizing moments

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this invigorating massage focuses on improving muscle flexibility and promoting regeneration. Let our therapists at Triforet Alpin Resort help you reach your peak performance and improve your overall well-being.


Peak Performance 50 min 80 €
Sports Massage 80 min 150 €

Experience therapeutic treatments

Restore balance and vitality to your body with our therapeutic Triforet Signature Massage. By combining different techniques tailored to your specific needs, our experienced therapists will release muscle tension, improve flexibility and enhance overall well-being. Rediscover your inner strength and leave feeling energized and ready to take on the world.


Alpine Therapeutic Recharge 50 min 100 €

Experience special signature massages

Embark on a deeply soothing journey with our exclusive 4-hands massage at Triforet Alpin Resort. Inspired by the pristine glaciers of the Austrian Alps, this treatment combines soothing techniques to relieve stress and restore balance. Let the comprehensive expertise of our therapists transport you to a state of deep calm where you can surrender to absolute bliss.

4 Hands to Heaven 80 min 190 €

Experience pure bliss

when our experienced therapists use heated stones to release tension and impart a deep sense of calm. Bring the natural elements of the Austrian Alps to life with this signature hot stone treatment, offered exclusively at Triforet Alpin Resort.

Alpenglow Hot Stone 50 min 105 €
Mountain herbal stamp 80 min 150 €

Experience myBlend massages

Harmony 60 min 120 €
Deep 60 min 135 €
Signature 90 min 175 €